Tip 4 ~ Be aware of food sensitivities which do not manifest themselves as full blown allergies.  We become so used to feeling a certain way and are not aware of the fact that a change is needed.

Tip 5 ~ Follow Michael Pollan’s guidelines “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants” and “Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother would not recognize as food.”

Helpful Tips

Tip 2 ~ Change just one habit a month.  We all know that attempting too many changes at once will put us back into our old ways quickly.  The potential for change is limitless if we do it gradually.  One habit a month….just think about it….that equates to 12 habits you can change in just one year!

Tip 3 ~ Your gut has to be healed before you can feel better. Healing from the inside out is the key.  

Tip 1 ~ Stop dieting, eating Fresh Whole Foods is not about calorie counting. There are no restrictions on the amount of food you eat.  If you eat whole, fresh foods, your body will self-regulate. Your cravings will go away and you will not need the huge portions of foods that you needed in the past in order to be satisfied.

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