Healthy Recipes

Many of my friends and clients tell me that they do not have all of the ingredients asked for in the recipes.  I totally understand, because you are just starting to make the switch to healthier eating, and you are not yet equipped with everything that is needed.  I can tell you; it is a gradual change and you do not have to go out and buy every little ingredient for every recipe listed here yet.  Start with one and slowly increase and try another one maybe a week later.  However, I do believe that everybody should have a good quality organic extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil to start with. 

Also, you might look at my recipes and think, wow, she uses a lot of olive oil and coconut oil (the good fats), which represents a huge amount of calories.  Just remember, the fats used in my recipes are the good fats and our bodies need them.  Also, remember that when eating whole foods we do not have to dwell on the calories, our bodies will self-regulate.  If you want to cut back on the good fats in the recipes for right now you are more than welcome to do that until you feel more comfortable adding them back into the recipes.

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