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Upon scheduling an appointment, I would like for you to complete the Intake Form, Health Form and General Information and Consent Form.  Additionally, please complete the Food Diary Form for three consecutive days.  The Food Diary is especially important to me in the evaluation process, because the path to better health can be profoundly influenced by the food choices we make. Click the following links to complete or download the aforementioned forms.  Please return the completed forms to me at least two days prior to your appointment. 

Information & Client Informed Consent Form

Please read this over carefully, sign, and return to me in order to start the process.

Health Form

The Health Form is an important tool to help me learn more about you.  Please make sure you complete this form diligently.

Initial Intake Form

Please complete this form conscientiously since it it a big part of the evaluation process.

Food Diary

Use this form to keep track of your daily food intake.