• We connect for our initial free 30 minute consultation to see if this is the right fit for you.
  • The next step is for you to fill out the 3-6 day food diary and the intake forms and forward them to me.
  • I analyze your food diary for macro and micro nutrient imbalances.
  • Then we get together in our first two hour appointment (phone, Skype or in person) to analyze the information you provided and take the first steps toward your goals.
  • I want to know what your goals are, what you are struggling with to achieve your goals, what you have done in the past to address your goals.
  • We will most likely do a kitchen overhaul – Concentrate on the foods you can eat and do not dwell over what you cannot eat.  The good foods will reset your body to crave less of the bad foods and more of the healthy foods.
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  • We may take a trip to the grocery store to investigate what healthy foods are available to us, concentrating on foods that have 5 or less ingredients.
  • We will talk about food sensitivities – I might ask you to eliminate the top allergen causing foods for a short period of time so your gut will have a chance to calm down and heal if it is in fact irritated.  Once your inside is healed the exterior will follow.
  • We will find some exercise that you like and enjoy.  Exercise does not have to be the enemy.  During exercise we release endorphins; the body’s natural anti-depressant -> it will make you feel good -> it is essential.
  • We will work on implementing more vegetables into your meals and daily diet.
  • I might recommend a cleanse depending on where you are in your healing journey.
  • We will think about your emotional health.  Are you engaging in fun activities, are you spending time with your partner and friends, are you taking time for yourself?
  • We will talk about your sleep patterns.  Less than 7 hours of restful sleep every night will wreak havoc on your metabolism, which will consequently cause you to gain weight and make you feel tired.

The following is an example of what the “program” might include:

My Approach

I often get asked by potential clients about my “program” or what my approach is.  My answer always goes back to “every person is truly unique”, and I do not have a one size fits all program.  I base my approach on the analysis of the food diary, the intake forms, and our initial two hour appointment and meetings thereafter.  I strive to work with you to create a fully individualized plan and we will address your unique situation and develop goals together.