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About Andrea

If you are reading this you are most likely ready for a change in your life. You want to achieve your goals and realize that you are not able to do it alone. You might be experiencing the following:

~You are getting sick more frequently                                                                                    ~You experience GI tract issues

~Your belly is getting larger with stubborn pounds that are not easy to lose        ~Your skin and hair look dry, you have hair loss
~You do not sleep as restful as you once did                                                                          ~You are feeling anxious maybe even depressed or angry
~You suffer from acid reflux                                                                                                          ~ You are exhausted all the time and cannot concentrate
​​​​I am excited that you are here with me, because I know exactly how you feel! My "Food Make Over Journey" began in my mid-twenties when I realized that no diet or "magic pill" would help me lose weight and keep it off. I struggled with my weight most of my life and knew how I wanted to look and feel, but could not figure out how to make it happen. I went from one diet to the next and consequently yo-yo dieted for years. At about the same time I started to develop health issues that sent me from doctor to doctor with no solution in sight. I was given a variety of medications and a surgeon determined that I was a candidate for back surgery. This left me very frustrated, scared and helpless.

Natural healing was always imbedded in me.  I remember growing up in a little town in Germany making facial and hair masks from honey, oatmeal, cucumbers, and avocados, and also drinking homemade Echinacea syrup.  Unfortunately, I never learned about the beneficial healing powers of foods when consumed as part of one’s diet.  Our meals consisted of meat, potatoes, vegetables and lots of sweets. While I enjoyed vegetables, I always had a craving for sweets and fatty foods. On Sunday mornings we had cake for breakfast, if that tells you something!

Experiencing first hand the tremendous impact the change in diet and lifestyle has had on my health, resulted in my training thro​ugh the ACHS (American College of Healthcare Sciences).  The education as a Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Nutrition Consultant equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic health, nutrition and preventive health maintenance.  In my own healing journey, I have drawn on an approach that focuses on all areas of my life using different modalities, the main ones being nutrition, exercise, stress management, herbal medicine, homeopathy, and Reiki. As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I know that we must look at a person as a whole, and that when we see negative physical effects (like weight gain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, GI tract issues, premature aging, arthritic pain, and lack of energy), it's really just a manifestation of what is going on inside.

The best part is that I started to apply the newly acquired knowledge to myself and my family and have experienced great success. My health has improved, I lost weight, I have more energy, less aches and pains, no back surgery in sight, and an extremely positive outlook, knowing that I am able to help myself and others feel better and enjoy life.  Best of all I realized that it is not about calorie counting, diets and being thin but about meeting my body’s needs for nutrition, exercise, and stress management.  Once you understand that, your "Food Make over Journey" will be achievable and successful!

Whether you need help losing weight, managing food sensitivities, reducing your blood pressure and/or cholesterol, balancing your hormones, managing GI tract issues, improving your sleep, reducing your anxiety and depression, feeling more energized, living without the brain fog or simply getting the whole family to eat better, I will help design a custom program that is right for you. My intent is to work with you to create your fully individualized plan that will address your unique situation and goals. Let's get to work and begin your healing journey.