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Hi Busy Women

Andrea was born and raised in Southern Germany in the town of Lottstetten located on the Swiss border in the Rhein River Valley in the Alpen foothills. She is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant with a mission to help people get to the root cause of their illness, create an individualized path towards wellness, and find their unique way back to living! Andrea brings a keen investigative prowess, deep respect for each individual, and a true passion and love to her work. She believes that each person has a unique capability to heal and thrive, and even though each and every one of us has been dealt a certain genetic hand, it is what we do with that hand that determines the course of our life and health. 


Andrea is excited to announce the RELOCATION of BusyWomenWellness, LLC to KEELIN Studio for Strength and Wellness, 895 Route 103, Newbury, NH. In her new location she is joining an outstanding group of like-minded ladies who are focused and passionate about keeping the Lake Sunapee Region healthy! Visit the KEELIN Studio website for more details on what they have to offer!
​Although her work and mission very much define her life, she does have a few other loves :)! When she is not focused on showing the world that nutrition and lifestyle changes can turn your life around, you can find her cozying up with her lovable dog Shauna, reading, cooking, hiking, biking, skiing, and most importantly, spending time with her amazing family.

Her belief is, that when we truly take a holistic approach - using frameworks instead of formulas, fostering partnerships instead of hierarchies, and looking for root causes instead for quick fixes - people can find levels of vitality that they never thought possible. These results foster her passion, and her drive to always learn more about the healing potential of the human body. If you have worked with her you know very well how relentless Andrea is in getting you back on track and helping you unlock your healing potential by using the keys that nutrition and lifestyle change can provide.